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02 Introduction to data

Here's the translated markdown:

Data Types


1. Numeric Types: int, float

1.1 Code Examples

  1. Integer
int_num = 1
t = type(int_num)
print("int num type is: >>>", t)
print("Detecting data type directly and outputting", type(int_num))

int num type is: >>> <class 'int'>
Detecting data type directly and outputting <class 'int'>

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03 Newmeric Type

Here's the translated markdown:

1. Characteristics of Numeric Types

In [3]: 1 + 1
Out[3]: 2

In [4]: 1 + 1.0
Out[4]: 2.0

In [5]: 2 -1
Out[5]: 1

In [6]: 2 - 1.0
Out[6]: 1.0

In [7]: 2 * 2
Out[7]: 4

In [8]: 2* 2.0
Out[8]: 4.0

In [9]: 9/3
Out[9]: 3.0

# The result is a float if one of the elements is a float, with the highest precedence.

# Division involves precision issues, resulting in a float.

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01 Variable

Sure, here's the translated markdown:

1. Understanding Variables - Examples from Daily Life

1.1 What is a Variable

  • Vari: Change
  • Able: Capacity

1.2 An Example

Let's say you're the class monitor and you need to compile the monthly test scores of each student in the class. Each month's score will be recorded on a paper, listing each student's score, for instance:

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Article editing

Here are some tips on how to write articles in Typora 👀



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About me

Intro Page

My name is Ruoyihan Wang (Cindy).

Currently, I am a first-year student in the university of Cambridge, studying engineering.

In my spare time, I enjoy photographing, reading novels, K-pop dancing and travelling ...

I did some really interesting projects this term and I'd like to share some of them:

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